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Wilube/CFB Wiper Systems for Aluminum Fin Presses

Wilube Wiper System

Unique two-side wiping cuts oil use by 40%

• Wilube/CFB have designed a wiper system which attaches to the lubricant tanks on various styles of aluminum fin presses.
• Our patent pending wiper is a heavy duty adjustable system which is mounted inside the dip tank behind the pinch rollers.
• The main feature of our system controls the amount of lubricant on both sides of the fin stock (top and bottom) going into the piercing dies.


1) Cuts oil use by approximately 40%.
2) The aluminum fines off of the fin stock are contained in the dip tank achieving cleaner dies and longer preventive maintenance (PM) intervals.
3) Brazing operations will have less smoke and cleaner coils going to leak detection.
4) Over all the coils are more efficient in the field and the wettability is superior when used with Wilube's new generation synthetic fin lubricants. (Non VOC products)
5) The manufacturing facilities are cleaner, ie. No oil on the manufacturing floors, cleaner lacing operations, safer conditions in your work place.

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