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Wilube Chemical Inc. products include more than lubricants - we also offer a broad line of Fin Tooling and Punches and Buttons for the Tool & Die Industry.

wilube punchWilube's Fin Tooling includes punches and dies, feed fingers, and forming bushings for heating, air conditioning, radiator, and condensing units used in transportation, commercial, and home applications. Contact Wilube for specifications and pricing.

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Wilube Tooling Lines - Representing These Quality Manufacturers

Die Components:

Pivot Punch Corporation - Punches, Buttons, Retainers, Uraflex Springs, and Special Per Print Items. (Excellent On Coil & Fin Die Components Including Punches, Buttons And Slitter Blades.)

Ready Technologies - Ready Benders, Die Springs, Hydro Cam Units, Mechanical Cam Units, Design 2-Tite Gas Springs.

Danly/Iem – A Division Of Cornell Limited Partnership

A. Danly Die Set - Catalog & Special Die Sets, Springs, Friction and Ball Bearing Pins and Bushings, Die Makers Supplies, In-Die Tapping Units, Nitrogen Gas Springs.
B. Iem - Self Lubricated Steel & Bronze Wear Plates, Keepers and Guide Blocks, Wearstrips & Wearways, Cam Slide Units, Spring Cages, Pad Retainers, Self Lube Bushings, L-Gibs, Gib Assemblies.

Agathon - Roller Cages, High Precision Pins and Bushings.

Lamina - Bronze Wear Plate, Raymond Springs, Replacement Pins and Bushings, Stock Lifters.

Amcor - Pad Retainers, Stock Pushers, Spring Stops, Gripper Buttons.

Fixturing Components:

Jergens - Jig and Fixture Components, Ball Lock Mounting System, Jergens and Destaco Clamps, Stay-Lock Hydraulic Clamps.

Acme - Drill Bushings, Tool Holder Bushings and Lockscrews.


Cutting Tools:

Jarvis Cutting Tools - Carbide Burrs, Special Configuration Taps, Jarflo Forming Taps.

Morse - Drills, Taps And End Mills.

Imco - Standard And Special Carbide Inserts And Cutting Tools.

Specialty Products:

Engis Corporation - Diamond Compound, Mini Mo Ultrasonic Di-Profilers Diaforms, Diamond Grinding Pins, Plated Wheels, Blocks, and Bore Finishing Tools.

Fowler - Precision Measuring Equipment.

Basik Hand Tools And Quality Brand Products.

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